Hey, it's Jo here, from Melbourne.

I love fitness and wellness. I had a hard time finding high quality fitness and wellness products; that's why I created Beyli. 

Unique design, handpicked and premium quality. 

I believe looking after our physical and mental health is key to happiness.

beyli australia

I started Beyli during the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. While people were stuck at home, stressing about the future, I wanted to show people that they have a choice to look after themselves. Yes it's difficult, yes it is uncertain time and yes we don't know about the future holds but this is not the first time we are going through tough times, perhaps not even the last time. The human kind is resilient and strong and we cannot let difficult time take us down, we need to rise above the challenges by taking care of ourselves first. 

Pandemic or not, we have one life, one body and one mind, we need to look after it. 

Your wellbeing is what drives us and our mission is to build a community of wellness advocate.