About Us

Hey there!

I'm JP, the founder of Beyli, and I'm thrilled to share our story with you. As a true wellness enthusiast hailing from Melbourne, I understand the value of a good night's sleep like no one else. Fed up with the synthetic ingredients and lack of transparency in the sleep aid industry, I set out to create something better – a sleep solution that is not only effective but also crafted with the highest quality, natural ingredients.

That's how our beloved all-natural sleep mist and shower gel came to life, right here in the heart of Melbourne. We handpick the finest ingredients to create products that help you relax and peacefully drift off to sleep. Infused with essential oils renowned for their soothing properties, our sleep mist is perfect for spritzing onto your pillow 15 minutes before bedtime, while our indulgent shower gel washes away the day's worries. The result? Waking up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the world.

But it doesn't stop there. We take pride in the fact that our sleep mist and shower gel are not only effective but also vegan and organic, aligning with your natural, sustainable lifestyle. Supporting Beyli means supporting a small, locally-owned business, and we can't thank you enough for choosing our brand.

Welcome to the Beyli family, where we're dedicated to helping you achieve the restful sleep you deserve – because when you wake up well-rested, you're ready to embrace the world with open arms.