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How online fitness training is changing the entire industry?

Trends in the fitness industry are closely associated with society's overall trends. Inside people's fitness routines, technology is increasingly finding a place. This technology varies from applications to booking systems to wearables. The simplicity that technology can offer is incomparable, leaving aside the novelty factors of new developments. There is also a trend toward market consciousness, in addition to technological advancements. With basic data such as weight, gym-goers are no longer happy.

2019 marked the 13th year in which over 2000 fitness professionals were supported by the American College of Sports Medicine to rate trends in the fitness industry. The number one place was taken by wearable technology, having dropped to No. 3 in 2018, and fitness apps were up to No. 13.

It's evident that technology is transforming the face of the sector. And the shift is from both the customer (gym goer) and suppliers (gyms/personal trainers) aspect.

We will address the current fitness technology trends in this article and what they will mean for your members and your fitness company.

Stats of the global fitness market

At approximately $87.2 billion, with 201,000 clubs and over 174 million members worldwide, analysts value the global health club industry.

There are several essential variables:

  • The cost of health insurance is simple: healthier individuals are easier to insure
  • There is a gradual change away from fast food to healthier alternatives, with increased demand for nutritious foods.
  • Wearables: motivating individuals to become more involved.
  • The ability to stream workout classes makes it much simpler for individuals to access fitness.
  • Fitness has grown rapidly in two somewhat different directions: luxury studios, and "high-value low-price" clubs. 

Advancement In The Technology

The Consumer Electronics Show on the tech calendar is the biggest gathering, and 2019 did not disappoint. There was everything from folding phones to big automotive developments, taking their A-Game to the health and fitness industry. In addition to several upcoming companies and creative startups, CES brings together the top technology companies that are exhibiting their new creations.

There have been lots of innovative, exclusive things to check out, and here are a few of our favorites:

Gym Tech Ultimate

The JAXJOX KettlebellConnect is a smart kettlebell with many choices for weight. It has a stacking mechanism that allows users in seconds to lock on added weights, making it efficient in time and space. The kettlebell also features sensors that allow you to control your training session's content, strength, and length!


From wearables to the apps

The health and fitness technology industry is making leaps and bounds with the rapid development of wearable technology, AI, and even virtual reality, making it an exciting time for both clients and app developers.

In reality, more and more individuals are working to get healthier and make society healthier. The future is luminous. Here are a couple of fascinating developments to pay attention to:

Wearable technology

Far more than a fashion accessory, wearables have been in trend now as a positive use. For those who are serious about their success and advances, they have useful data. For anyone, there is an option out there. An electrocardiogram (ECG) feature has now been introduced by Apple to the Apple Watch Series 4, allowing for a more thorough study of the heart health of its users.

Meanwhile, the new Charge 3 from Fitbit works with more sophisticated heart rate sensors that use algorithms to reveal insights about your heart, while offering immediate feedback that helps you to make the most of each workout. From home-workouts, to spin lessons, to sleep cycles, users can monitor all their activities.

Fitness apps

According to a report released by Polaris Market Research, the global market size of fitness apps by 2026 would hit over $14.7B. Many factors have led to the tremendous growth of the market: among these is a notable rise in the obese population, improvements in lifestyles, and growing health concerns. 

In addition, there's less time for individuals to devote to the gym. Increased mobile device distribution, combined with the availability of high-speed internet services, means that more individuals are turning to apps. Sworkit, Aaptiv, and NEOU were named as some of the top apps of 2019 by Gear Patrol.

Virtual reality

In the fitness world, virtual training and coaching are becoming an invaluable method. The use of professionally coached classes brought to customers by streaming is now promoted by several health clubs. Apps like Endomondo allow users, via their headphones, to replicate the experience of having a personal training session with a coach. 

Virtual reality has now been adopted by thousands of gyms and health clubs worldwide, most notably by major brands such as Pure Fitness and Virgin Active, as the new cutting edge tool in training. Floyd Mayweather has created his own Mayweather at home boxing, outside the fitness club scene, athletes find a new way to connect and share with fans.

Online coaching

Digital training programs are now provided by several coaches. Increasingly, gym-goers are looking for facilities that operate around them, i.e. not a gym with particular hours. This is where online coaching for long distances excels. 

Services are also offered at a discounted rate (by their physical competitors), can be made available 24/7, and for many, it is becoming an increasingly desirable option. This is also a helpful tool for the more gym-shy ones. It can also be a way of attracting a whole new clientele to the fitness market.

Machine technology

With the likes of Peloton cycles, smart technology is finding its way into gyms. In order to balance an in-class experience, they saw a large market gap and jumped into improving the at-home fitness. Peleton equips monitors used by customers at home with stationary bikes or treadmills. These monitors stream live or on-demand workouts and provide users with unique choices based on user preferences. Users may choose whether to synchronize their workouts to worldwide leaderboards and incorporate a fun aspect of competition to further add to the experience. The Mirror is another excellent product in this category; this slick device enables users to follow a range of classes in real-time fitness.

How Must The Trends Be Responded To

Times are shifting, and technology is making big changes within this sector. Consumers now have several more choices on how they achieve wellness, and to enable these innovations, fitness clubs will need to make the necessary changes. It can come in many forms and shapes.

You must first identify the target group in order to most efficiently use technology. In selecting the right direction and choosing which technologies to incorporate into your programming to increase member retention and acquisition, understanding who your customers are would be instrumental.

Technology must not be considered the enemy; it must be used to the best of its potential:

  • Improve member relationships by monitoring events and performance.
  • Incorporate technologies to collect knowledge and information about the participants and their exercise habits. Based on this information, develop better programs.
  • Within your community, technology can be integrated, wearables and video content can be provided to members.
  • In your programming, blend technology. Technology has turned basic machines into complicated devices capable of delivering all kinds of information. This contributes to better outcomes for consumers and increases member retention.
  • Finally, to plan winning marketing strategies, use technology. Build content for your members that is useful and important.

Keeping up to date with the latest fitness technology trends will undoubtedly help to offer a competitive edge to your club. We must be careful not to place all our eggs in one basket, however. While in many facets of your health and fitness club, technology can play a central role, it can never replace face-to-face customer interaction.

As with every big redesign, the incorporation of new technologies will almost certainly come with a learning curve inside your gym or health club. However with higher member prices, improved results for clients, and eventually, more financial growth, the payoff is worth it.

Instructions of the fitness

In order to keep yourself fit and safe, various virtual training programs are being launched on the market using which you can get fitness instruction. The virtual training program performs a variety of services for you from simple information about weight training to relevant data such as taking a prime male to raise your testosterone levels. Some of these programs are paid for, while other sources, such as YouTube, are totally cost-free.

How Can One Say That The Industry Has Increased Suddenly?

The lockdown was performed until 14 April to prevent the coronavirus threat. While people are facing many problems because of this lockout, to defend against this dangerous virus, there is no better solution than this. The 21-day lockdown is making it impossible for individuals to invest their time. In such a scenario, many people waste all their time on television or cell phones.

But there are other things besides smartphones and TV that people don't experience boredom during lockdown due to. Via YouTube or any other means, people take care of their health at home. At home, eating healthy food. Because of all this, the country's online fitness sector has increased. The fitness market, which in 2018 was worth $ 95 billion, has expanded dramatically, according to the International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association.

People are interested in online classes

Because of living in households, the routine of humans has totally changed. Previously, where people used to go to the gym in the morning or evening, now they are waking up at home every morning and doing workouts or yoga. They are taking online courses for this too. Gym coaches and experts in yoga are getting individuals to workout online. People also focus on their fitness by watching videos of workouts on YouTube.

People are now seeking to remain healthy through mediation, not just yoga and exercise. They have maintained trainers for this too. People have been doing more exercise, yoga, and meditation to keep fit for some time now. That is, the fitness company has been rising. Today, because of the lockdown, when people are unable to go to the gym, the online fitness sector has expanded considerably.

Introduction to nutritious food

In addition to exercise, people in lockdown have been eating more healthy food than before. Earlier, people used to go to work every day, then they would eat something from outside. But people are making nutritious food at home now that all the shops are closed. It's getting better for their welfare. People are looking for the online technique of making food full of nutrients and with less oil. They take advice from dieticians, too.

healthy food

Final words

Find a mentor; finding someone as passionate as you are to bounce ideas off of would make all the difference in the world, regardless of where you are in your career or how big your company is. Nevertheless, make sure you choose someone you know has been good at whatever it is you are not.

Be a mentor; just as it is vital to have individuals who support our company and our development, it is equally important that we give back. I have learned some of the most valuable lessons by mentoring up-and-coming coaches. It is perfect for the company and seeing the changes they are making in someone's life can be really satisfying.

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